• Seawater Air Conditioning - The Process

The Process

The Upstream Operations consists of the air conditioning supply aspect of the Project. It involves the extraction of Deep Ocean Water (''DOW'') through an offshore pipe. The cold DOW will be extracted through an open loop (''the Offshore loop'') and will feed an Energy Transfer Station situated near the Harbour of Port Louis, in the area of Bain des Dames whereby a Heat Exchanger captures the cold energy and transfers it to another closed loop of fresh water (''the Onshore loop'') that subsequently services the buildings of Port Louis with cold energy. At the Buildings, the cold energy will be transferred to each building's exisiting network, which will then be used for air conditioning. The Customer will now only require minimal electricity to run its fan coil units and pumps, thus removing the costly energy consuming chiller system.

The seawater that has been warmed after transferring its thermal energy to the cold network, will be either discharged back out to sea at a depth with a thermal layer equivalent to the discharge water or partially be used for beneficial downstream activities.