• Seawater Air Conditioning - Green Benefits

Green Benefits

The project uses an innovative technology that is more reliable over other intermittent renewable energy technologies, such as wind and solar. It helps to, both, mitigate and adapt to the negative impact of Climate Change in a hot tropical city like Port Louis where there is a very extensive and constant demand for air-conditioning

Today , the high rise buildings of Port-Louis, require about 15MW of electrical energy, produced from fossil fuel, to power their 23MW cold air conditioning plants. But, tomorrow with the DOWA, only 1.5MW of electricity will be required to cool the same buildings.

This will result in significant electricity savings for Mauritius and reducing pressure on the National grid, especially during peak hours when the cost of prodution of electricity is high. Advantages of the DOWA project include:

  • Significant reduction in grid electrical consumption
  • Reduces our dependency on oil
  • Offers environmental peace of mind by removing refrigerants
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Promotes a sustainable future using clean, local and long-term renewable energy resources
  • Places Mauritius on the world map as a leader in renewable energy solutions
  • Significant Job Creation