• Seawater Air Conditioning - Cooling Zone

Cooling Zone

Port Louis Central Business District, the targeted area, is one of the hottest places on the island combining the subtropical climate with the natural Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect created by the concentration of buildings and human activities. This is further amplified by the wind protecting horse shoe mountain range behind the city. Air conditioning is an essential year round requirement for any business in the capital.

The development will focus on buildings in the purple highlighted zones which are mainly equipped with chillers. However, the system can be upgraded to connect new / future buildings or buildings outside the highlighted zone as long as it falls within a reasonable distance from the onshore chilled water feeder pipelines. The project aims to connect the following category of buildings;

  • Government (public buildings and hospitals)
  • Financial services (banks, insurance and accounting firms)
  • Tourism (hotels, theatres and waterfront buildings),
  • Others (Information and communication technology companies, law, commerce and logistics firms)