• Seawater Air Conditioning - The Concept

The Concept

Sea Water Air Conditioning is a process of using very cold seawater found deep below the sea surface for commercial applications. Deep Ocean Water differs significantly in temperature and salinity from the water found at the surface. One of the major characteristics of this water is that it has a very low constant temperature.

By extracting this thermal energy stored deep in the Ocean, clean renewable chilled water can be produced using a natural heat transfer process. The process itself is extremely reliable and requires little fossil fuels compared to fossil fuel intensive, chiller based systems used today.

Relying on established technology, Urban Cooling Ltd proposes to construct a 23MWc Sea Water Air Conditioning cooling plant at Bain des Dames. The Chilled water created, will be distributed 24/7 in a closed loop onshore network to subscribed customers in the Port Louis Central Business District. At the buildings, the cold energy will be transferred to each building’s existing network, which will then be used for air conditioning.

The Project is a first of its kind in Mauritius but the technology has already proven its commercial and operating merits on a global and regional scale. There are currently 12 such cooling systems operating worldwide and an additional 7 systems which are in progress in various locations especially Small Island States such as Hawaii, Guam, Maldives and the Bahamas.The oldest district cooling system, based in Hawaii and designed by Makai has been in operation since 1987.